Benefits Of Our Products And Services

Fuel Cost Reduction

  • Reducing unofficial errands there by increasing productivity and efficiency
  • Managing and improving the routing of vehicles by recommending the best routes.
  • Eliminating excessive personal use of fleet vehicles.
  • Using mileage report generated by the tracking software is used to check fuel consumption over a period.

Increase Driver and Staff Safety by:

  • Monitoring speeding events
  • Reducing excessive vehicle speeding
  • Alerting aggressive accelerations and hard stops .
  • Generating constant reports on all incidents of dangerous driving in order to show which drivers are most at risk of causing accidents.
  • Improving vehicle maintenance schedules


  • Plan your route before the trip
  • Save the route for another trips
  • Have full grasp on the road
  • Allocate vehicle to driver or trip.

Improve Security of Vehicle

  • Geo-fence and provide emergency alerts.
  • GPS tracking by mobile phone
  • Remote turn on/off of vehicle engine.
  • Alert you when assets have moved out of secure locations
  • Locate the position of stolen vehicles and equipment anywhere.
  • Produce an accurate trace report of vehicles and assets to help identify the operational route of criminals.

Improve Security of Other Equipment

  • Generate reliable report for investigation
  • Data are kept for 3 years online and there after 2 years offline


  • It is not only screen, it is the powerful report you can generate
  • Keep an eye on your fleet at all time
  • Create your parameters and check your fleet accordingly
  • Keep your driver performance data

NB:The Exchange Rates above are not provided by Tafani Ghana Limited

What is Tracking

  • Generally a tracking system is used for the observing of an object on the move.
  • Supplies a timely ordered sequence of respective location data
  • Vehicle information can be viewed on an electronic map via the internet or specialized software